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From a large portion of the population still working remotely and children having to learn digitally, to virtual doctor visits and smaller group gatherings, one thing that we can all agree on is that being online has taken up a big part of most of our lives in 2021.

Social media platforms like Instagram and especially TikTok have boomed in the midst of the pandemic while streaming platforms have seen an uptick in subscriptions. With everyone consuming more digital content this year than in years prior, brands are putting a bigger emphasis on their digital content and are trying to stand out amongst the noise of their competitors. With 2021 wrapping up, here are a few of our favorite graphic design trends that have captured our attention from 3D Design to chaotic typography. Here’s to seeing what 2022 has in store.

3D Design

Flat designs are the norm, but in 2021 designers have embraced 3D design with the technology becoming increasingly accessible. From typography to abstract design, 3D design is here to stay adding dimension, movement, and depth to any design.

Author // Camilo Valencia via Behance

Nature-inspired design

After being cramped up in the house for far too long this year, connecting to nature is something many of us are craving and designers are channeling that energy into their work. Simple designs incorporating foliage are often seen with this trend, creating a visual that makes you want to explore the outdoors.  

Author // Marka Works & Mustafa Akülker

All gold everything

Get the luxe look for less by incorporating gold into your work. From gold accents to 3D metallic effects, gold is an eyecatching and classic element that stands the test of time.

Author // Maxim Chernykh

Chaotic typography

What better way to capture someone’s attention than by showing them a visual representation of what chaos looks like? After all, chaos is what 2021 is all about. In this type of design, there are no boundaries, so the crazier the better.

Author // Mahn Le